Transportation Terms

 And Conditions

1 Between the pick-up site and the indicated destination on the auto transport order contract, the carrier and driver are both entitled to operate and carry their motor vehicle.

2 Carrier cargo insurance normally costs $100,000 to $250,000 each shipment, with at  least 3/4 million dollars in public liability and property damage coverage. All claims must be recorded and signed for at the moment of delivery, and they must be lodged in  writing within 15 days

3 LUGGAGE and personal possessions must be kept in the trunk, with no heavy goods  exceeding 100 pounds. Carrier is not liable for vehicle damage originating from  erroneous or excessive personal item loading

4 The rates specified are solely for payments made in cash or confirmed money. If the  client pays in full using his credit card, a 7 percent charge will be applied to the final  payment. You must pay in full with a credit card before you can pick up your order.  Unless your location has constraints, pick-up and delivery are done from your front  door. Pickups by appointment are offered for an extra cost, employing smaller  unrestricted vehicle carriers

5 Vehicles must be in excellent operational order and have less than half a tank of gas  when delivered to the carrier. Carrier is not liable for damage caused by leaked fluids,  ice, exhaust systems, or incorrectly secured antennas. Any claim for loss or damage  must be reported and signed on the condition report at the time of delivery

6 If a carrier is dispatched and the vehicle is not ready as specified by the shipper, there will be an additional $75.00 rescheduling penalty. If the shipper is unavailable to pick up or transfer the goods, Xpress Auto Movers must be notified, and the shipper must select another person to act in his or her place. If a vehicle becomes unavailable for any  reason within a given pick-up window after an order has been made, Xpress Auto  Movers has the right to cancel it without compensation.

7 Xpress Auto Movers pledges to give a carrier as promptly as possible to move your  vehicle per your criteria, but it cannot guarantee an exact pick-up or delivery date.  Cancellations made less than one week before the specified pick-up date will incur a  $200 administrative penalty. Xpress Auto Movers gives no assurances regarding paying for your rental automobile, and it will not be held liable if any of your vehicle’s technical  or operational components fail

8 A non-operational penalty of $150.00 will be assessed on all autos that are not in use. This will be taken into account when determining the final Xpress Auto Movers  quotation. This price will be added to the original estimate if the car fails to start while  being transported

9 For autos transported to Xpress Auto Movers, the shipper promises to pay the  agreed-upon sum and not to charge the credit card. The terms and conditions of the  carrier and the standardized straight bill of lading, both of which are accessible at the  carrier’s office, apply to this agreement and any shipment completed in conformity with  it. This agreement replaces any past written or oral statements made by Xpress Auto  Movers, and it represents the whole agreement between the shipper and Xpress Auto  Movers. It may only be modified if an Xpress Auto Movers officer signs it in writing, and  he or she has the ability to revoke the order at any moment.